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Bashirah Middle Eastern Dance Company presents . . .

A Workshop Weekend with


     Saturday & Sunday, March 7-8, 2020          

Central Middle School**1280 Fort St, Victoria, BC

Native Egyptian Nada El Masriya was raised in Cairo. She not only grew up belly dancing as part of her cultural heritage, she also began training and performing at an early age, first at high school, then Law College, where she earned a degree in Egyptian Law, and then with the prestigious Reda Troupe directed by Mahmoud Reda.

Before immigrating to Canada in 2002, Nada toured Egypt with the Reda Troupe, winning awards within the Folkloric dance community.  For a while she lived in our very own Victoria, BC and taught Hagallah at the Aiewa School of Dance, founded by Christina Bates.  Currently she resides in Toronto with her Canadian husband and when not touring around the world teaching and performing, she is busy as the Artistic Director of The Egyptian Dance Academy.

Nada is passionate about helping her students understand the cultural nuances and traditions of Egyptian music and dance.

NADA'S WEB SITE:  http://www.discoverbellydance.com/nada-el-masriya/

Saturday 9:30 AM–12:00 PM “Sha'abi” – (All levels) This is the Egyptian people's most loved style.  Sha'abi means public, the dance of the people.  It usually speaks for daily life and hard times but in a fun, non-dramatic way.  They make drama fun and happy.  Sha'abi women are like raw sugar: very natural and with uncensored emotions.  It's a very happy, bold and upbeat style!!

Saturday 1:00 – 3:30 PM “Alexandrian Style* – (All Levels) The melaya is a large, rectangular wrap once worn as a modesty covering by the women of Egypt.  Mahmoud Reda created a character dance depicting the quintessential Egyptian woman.  She is soft, feminine and flirty and will allow you, or invite you, to look but don't touch.  If try to take liberties, you will find she is a good girl whose character is strong enough to smack you upside the head with her slipper!  *Bring a 250 cm X 150 cm piece of heavy black fabric. Slip on shoes optional

Sunday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM “Classical Lyrics, Music & Technique” – (All Levels) Dig deep into classical Egyptian style.  You will learn classical technique, choreography and, more importantly, really understand the music and the Egyptian lyrical song.  Nada will lead you through the true meaning and elegance of Egyptian style.

8 Hours ALL WORKSHOPS Before Dec 1 ($280)/After Dec 1 ($320)

Saturday ALL DAY Before Dec 1 ($200)/After Dec 1 ($225)

Sunday Before Dec 1 ($120)/After Dec 1 ($135

“Nada El Masriya is the Ambassador of

Egyptian Dance in Canada.”

Fifi Abdou