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Professional Belly Dance Performance & Instruction                                                                                                                 Victoria, BC, Canada


The province of BC is currently in Step 3 of Restart of the economy.  Now that the overall risk of COVID-19 transmission has been reduced by vaccines becoming widely available, our COVID-19 protocols have been changed to Communicable Disease Prevention.

Bashirah Middle Eastern Dance Company cares about you.  We want to continue providing the fitness, fun and dance education you are used to, while ensuring you remain healthy and safe.  

Therefore, we want to assure you that the following measures are in place:

Cleaning & Sanitizing:

1.  Studio floor will be swiffered/vacuumed and steam mopped on a regular basis.

2.  All common surfaces – light switches, door knobs, benches, sink faucet and handles, toilet and toilet

     handle will be sanitized daily and in-between each rental group using the space.

We ask that you:

1.  Wash hands regularly.

2.  Cover Coughs and sneezes.

3.  Wear a mask if you have had only one vaccine dose, or none.

4.  Stay home if you have any of the following sympotms of COVID-19, flu or common cold. The most

     common symptoms o COVID-9 are lsted below.  If you have any of these symptoms or are returning

     to BC after travelling internationally, please do not come to class and use the

     BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help you determine if you need further assessment or testing.

      - Fever

      - Chills

      - Cough or worsening of chronic cough

      - Shortness of breath

      - Sore throat

      - Runny nose

      - Loss of sense of smell or taste

      - Headache

      - Fatigue

      - Diarrhea

      - Loss of appetite

      - Nausea and vomiting

      - Muscle aches

     Other, less common symptons:

      - Stuffy nose

      - Conjuntivities (pink eye)

      - Dizziness, confusion

      - Abdominal pain

      - Skin rashes or discoloration of fingers or toes

5.  Be kind, patient and considerate of others.

Optional Safety Measures:

1.  Sanitizer will be available for those entering and leaving the studio.

2.  Spare masks will be available.

3.  Students may choose to wear socks, gym slippers or jazz shoes if they are not comfortable in bare feet.

4.  For students who are not comfortable attending class in person, there will be some online class options

     available.  Please check the class page for those dates/times.