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Class Descriptions

Professional Belly Dance Performance & Instruction                                                                                                                 Victoria, BC, Canada


Students learn the basic movement vocabulary and  isolations of Middle Eastern belly dance which include basic posture, proper body alignment, travelling steps, hip and chest circles, piston shimmy, snake arms and undulations. In addition, students will learn short choreographies which utilize some of those basic movements and provides experience in  how to transition from one movement to the next.

Intermediate/Level Up:

Building on beginner foundation, students learn some of the more complex  movement vocabulary and  isolations of Middle Eastern belly dance which include figure eight variations of chest and hips, 3/4 weighted shimmies up and down, spins, additional travelling steps, some basic layering of movement as well as exploration of texturing movement and changing levels.  Common music rhythms introduced at the beginner levels will be explored and zill playing will be introduced.  Longer choreographies (some of which will include zills) will be taught to incorporate intermediate concepts and movement.  


Students will learn more complex layering of movements and isolations while travelling and/or changing levels, increase knowledge of music rhythms and appropriate movements and/or combinations to accompany those rhythms, work on polishing dancer presentation and learn longer and more complex choreographies that apply the concepts taught.

Drills & Technique Classes:

Geared to all levels from beginner to advanced, students will  be led through various practice drills designed to help them gain mastery of the basic isolations of Middle Eastern belly dance.  Layering, level changes, travelling and texturing are added according to the mastery and comfort level of the individuals.  No choreography is taught so that the focus remains on technique and mastery.  

Specialty - Canes, Veils, Fan Veils, Isis Wings, Sword:

Students will learn posture and movement vocabulary appropriate for each prop that is instroduced.  Those skills will then be applied for improvisation or as they learn a choreography.  

Note: Class format includes warm up, technique drills, choreography (excluding drills) and cool down.  Cultural context, musicality and stylization are addressed at all levels.

Photo: Laura Scotten

Photo: Laura Scotten

Photo: Laura Brackenbury

Photo: John Gardner