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Saturday, December 2, 2017          

Victoria Operatic Society**#10 - 744 Fairview Road, Victoria, BC

Hadia's professional dance career has spanned 40 + years.  Starting with extracurricular studies of classical, contemporary, jazz, and Middle Eastern Dance while completing her Theater Degree at the University of British Columbia, she went on to also study and perform flamenco (22 years), later adding African, Brazilian, Latin and Polynesian dance to the mix (15 years).  She truly is a “dancer's dancer.”

Initially inspired by the legendary Badawia of Jordan, frequent study and performing tours to the Middle East enabled her to further develop her skills and absorb the richness of Middle Eastern dance, music and culture within the countries of origin. Hadia has studied and worked with many of the great masters of Oriental dance and Folklore, including Nadia Gamal, Dina, Ibrahim Akef, Dr. Farideh Fahmy, Mona Said, Zohair Zeki, Raqia Hassan, Ibrahim Farrah, Ahmad Jarjour, and the National Folkloric Company of Egypt (Kohmeya).

Hadia's understanding and mastery of the very soul of Raks Sharqi and her innate ability to weave the subtle nuances and textures of oriental music into movement have earned her an international reputation as an exquisite performer of impeccable quality, and enabled her to teach and perform Egyptian dance all over the world for over 35 years.  With many awards to her name, numerous, notable, performances as a soloist and company director, plus the additional accomplishments as a Registered Massage Therapist and instructor of Massage and Manual Therapy Techniques, she has the knowledge and skill to help you achieve your Middle Eastern dance goals.

HADIA'S WEB SITE:  http://www.hadia.com

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM “Master the Magic of Improvisation” – (All Levels) A beautifully designed choreography that physically embodies the music through your movements is one of the most powerful tools available to maximize your oriental dance skills. However, if you want to take your dancing to yet another level, the ultimate goal is to Master the Magic of Improvisation. Although many dancers feel uncomfortable, or even terrified, of dancing without the security of their choreography, Hadia simplifies the process by sharing her Secrets of Sensational Improvisation Skills: 1. Exploring 1,001 Variations of your Essential Movements, 2. Developing Seamless Transitions from one movement to the next and 3. Mastering your Movements in the Moment.  Get ready to discover the Ultimate Joy of Oriental Dance, as you learn to live and dance fully in the moment, while expressing all of the magic of the music through your movement.  Before Nov 1 ($75)/After Nov 1 ($87)  

2:00  – 4:30 PM “Saidi – Raqs Assaya - Cane Technique & Choreography”– (Intermediate/Advanced Levels) The Said is the land of a soulful, yet playful and earthy style of dance and music which we call SAIDI. In this delightful and dynamic "Assaya" choreography, Hadia blends trademark movements from her unique style, with a more contemporary flavor, to a song by Masoub Kanawi, the son of the revered master Saidi singer Metkal Kanawi.  Before Nov 1 ($65)/After Nov 1($75)

BOTH WORKSHOPS Before Nov 1 ($135)/After Nov 1 ($155)